CertaBlue: Rapid Microbiology for every Laboratory

NOACK is offering in cooperation with CertaBlue a new generation microbial detection system. The testing range includes a comprehensive package of tests for a variety of market segments such as for food, dairy, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications.

The CertaBlue System enables rapid testing on microbial contaminations of raw materials, critical control points and finished products. CertaBlue´s highly sensitive detection sensors are based on the identification of several metabolic processes which take place within the growing organism and therefore causing a color change.

  • The CertaBlue system offers:

  • Simplified test procedures
  • Compact, reliable design with no moving parts
  • Ready to use test vials including growth media and CertaBlue sensor
  • Run an unlimited number of samples
  • Rapid results in hours instead of days
  • Real-time detection and early warning when using the
    CertaBlue AutoScanner
  • Higher efficiency due to safer and quicker results
  • Modular system for 40 samples (expandable up to 10 modules)
  • Dual integrated incubators with adjustable temperature from 10 to 80 °C.
More Information about individual Test vials


More Information about AutoScanner and Software
CertaBlue sensors are only permeable for gases.