First CS6000-21 finally installed

After more than a year of project discussions, NOACK Group of Companies together with the competence and knowledge of TEKPRO realized the first CS6000-21 in Europe. The equipment is installed at an Austrian feed manufacturer who was seeking for a solution to automize the process of incoming raw materials, with a high reliability and a truly representative sample.

The installed CS6000-21 can sample trucks up to a length to 21 meters. It is operated from the first floor of the Lab & Quality Control Building with direct sight on the incoming truck on the weigh bridge. The installed Observation System helps the operator with a better view inside the truck.

The CS6000-21 completes the long-lasting cooperation of NOACK and TEKPRO with the customer, where also 2 fully-automatic NHP300 continuously monitor the pellet quality, and a third NHP300 already in the project pipeline.

We gladly thank all involved persons, from both TEKPRO and the customer, for their commitment!