Enzymes act on carbohydrates not readily digested by monogastrics. These carbohydrates, the building blocks of cell walls, are known as NSP’s (Non-Starch Polysaccharides) and are also referred to as the fibrous fraction of the diet. NSPs have anti-nutritional properties such as increasing the viscosity of the digesta and interfering nutrients to be released. These factors are depressing animal performance. NSP’s of particular concern include β-glucans, xyloglucans, arabinogalactans, galactomannans, arabinoxylans, and pectins.

The addition of NSP enzymes allows the breakdown of these fibers and thereby take away the anti-nutritional effect; decreasing the viscosity, increasing the digesta flow, improving nutrient availability, reducing water excretion and finally improving the performance of monogastrics on reduced costs.

NSP enzymes in poultry improves the digestibility of feed, provide feed manufacturers with the opportunity to reduce feed costs and produce more consistent feed and provide poultry producers with the opportunity to increase profit by achieving more uniform growth or egg mass from less feed.

NSP enzymes for pigs include a range of enzyme products for starter, grower/finisher and sow feeds containing wheat, barley, triticale, rye, corn and their by-products or protein sources from sunflower, peas and/or rapeseed meal.

We offer phytase products of the most recent product generation that improves the digestibility of phosphorus from phytic acid and other nutrients bound to phytic acid in cereals, oil seed meals and their by-products.

Addition of phytase reduces the amount of added inorganic phosphorus in feed and allows reformulation of diets taking into account improvements in energy and amino acid digestibility resulting in reduced feed costs. Consequently phosphorus excreted to environment is significantly lowered.


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