High yielding cows require concentrated feed rations in order to allow milk yields which exploit the genetic potential of the animal. Those concentrated diets include high portions of grain starch.

The risk of acidosis or subclinical acidosis is a logical consequence which is counteracted with additions of sodium bicarbonate or magnesium oxide. These minerals are able to buffer quickly excess acids in the rumen due to its good solubility. But as quick as the effect appears as quick it disappears.

The concept of a Rumen Conditioner based on natural minerals from sea algae provides a unique long lasting effect due to the crystalline structure of the sea weed skeleton. This reduces the period in which the rumen pH remains in a ‘acidotic’ area to a minimum. pH fluctuations are reduced and volatile fatty acid production is optimized. The optimum balance between propionic, acetic and butyric acid guarantee the basis of best performance in milk production.



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